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To spend a peaceful holiday in a new, still undiscovered resort, we advise our Farm Holiday, situated in Cerqueto, Valfabbrica.

This little resort in the green and ancient Umbria, has a strategic position: in fact Umbria's most beautiful and artistically important cities, as Assisi, Perugia, Gubbio, are just a short trip away. Our farm holiday is the ideal base not only for tourist itineraries in the Umbria's wonderful art filled cities but also for religious itineraries (Assisi, Norcia, Cascia,...), wine-and-food itineraries (Cantine Aperte, Wine Roads, Sagrantino Road, the Road of the Canticle), naturalist, historical, folkloristic itineraries (Calendimaggio in Assisi, Ceri Race in Gubbio, ...) and archaeological itineraries (for discovering the centres of Umbrian, Etruscan and Roman origin).

The pure nature of these places and their peace suggest long walks and mountain-bike rides, perhaps along the nearby river Chiascio where there is the old Franciscan path, used by St. Francis on his trips back and for from Assisi to Gubbio.

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The Pearls of Umbria

Laying on the slopes of Monte Ingino, Gubbio is one of the most ancient towns of Umbria, extremely well preserved during centuries and rich of monuments testifying its glorious past. Two important witnesses of the past are the Tavole Eugubine, one of most important documents referring to the ancient people called Italici and the Roman Theatre just outside the walls of the town.
Assisi in Italy stretches out on the slopes of the Monte Subasio, above the plain where the Topino and Chiascio rivers flow.  Assisi's oldest nucleus, which is protected by a defensive apparatus made up of eight fortified entrance portals and a long belt of town walls, which are still perfectly preserved, is topped by two castles on peak of the mountain: the Major Castle, reconstructed by the Cardinal Albornoz in 1367 and the Minor Castle
It is placed at the foot of Mount Subasio and is about 5 km from Assisi and 30 from Perugia. The area of ​​the municipality extends to the mountains, hills and plains. Its soil is very fertile, is cultivated with cereals, vines and olive trees. And 'from this plant that Spello takes its most valuable food product: extra virgin olive oil. Not surprisingly, the city, in addition to being counted among the most beautiful villages in Italy, is part of the National Association of Oil City.

It stands at the northeastern end of Martani. And 'inserted between the most beautiful villages in Italy. Bettona (Vettona in Latin) is an Italian town of 4,392 inhabitants in the province of the city has Etruscan origins, the only on the east bank of the Tiber, and the inhabitants of Bettona are cited in Pliny, NH III.114 (Vettonenses), and other ancient authors and inscriptions.
Perugia, the great "Guelf strong-hold" rises up in the region's heart, with its 5 storical quarters closed-in by its Etruscan town walls. These enormous bastions formed by cyclopic square masses, were constructed 22 centuries ago and are still visible for long stretches. When the city of Rome was little more that an encampment of huts, one could already enter the etruscan Perugia Italy using one of 7 portals, among which one was particularly mighty, the Porta Pulchra or of Augustus, dating back to Etruscan times.

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